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The Flour Bakery Cookbook


(Above: With Joanne Chang in the bustling Flour kitchen.)

As some of you know, over the past weeks I have been a recipe testing intern for Joanne Chang, owner of Flour Bakery and Myers & Chang.  If you haven’t heard of Flour Bakery (there is one in the South End of Boston and one in the Fort Point Channel) you must pull your head out from under that rock and go!   Flour sells the most delicious goodies, from cookies, to banana bread, to blueberry muffins, to carrot cake, to sticky buns and much much more.  (Joanne creamed Bobby Flay in a sticky bun Throwdown on the Food Network!)   You can find some tasty savory bites as well—the sandwiches and soups are to die for.

 Well, Joanne’s latest project is The Flour Bakery Cookbook.  Lucky for us, Joanne is pulling together some of Flour’s best recipes and neatly packaging them in a cookbook for all to access.  How generous of her!  The book is set to publish in the fall of 2010.  However, as you can tell by following Joanne’s blog, creating a cookbook requires quite a bit of effort.  Joanne had to rework every recipe written for commercial use to a recipe that will yield successful results for the home baker. 

 That’s where I came in!  As a recipe tester, I worked with Joanne to test the recipes over and over.  We had to make sure the instructions were clear, the oven temps were accurate, the baking time was appropriate and that the different components of the recipes yielded the correct amounts.  We made a lemon raspberry cake at least three of four times!  (Unfortunately I never snagged a photo of it!)  Joanne is so generous she always sent me home with a box of leftovers treats. 

 This experience really allowed me to indulge my passion for cookbooks, recipes and baked goods.  I want to thank Joanne and her fabulous staff at Flour for a wonderful experience and the opportunity to assist with The Flour Bakery Cookbook

 Here are a few photos I snagged during testing:

 Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Fresh chunks of pineapple are cooked in caramel sauce and then baked beneath a yellow cake batter that yields a pudding-like consistency.  Absolutely divine.









Dried Fruit Foccacia

Dried fruit pieces distributed throughout this bread offer a surprise with every bite!









Boozy Rum Cake (Pre-Frosting)

What a fantastic name for this cake!  Four layers of cake are lined with rum-flavored pastry cream then the entire cake is frosted with rum-flavored whipped cream.  The result is light, sweet, boozy and woozy!









If you are too anxious to wait for next fall for the cookbook’s release, you can try Joanne’s Chocolate Cupcake recipe now!  It is my go-to chocolate cake recipe!  See below.

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Welcome Home Little Guy Teddy Bear Cupcakes

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