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Cookies and Cream Fire Engine Birthday Cake


Is it me, or does it seem like it was just yesterday that a certain adorable little guy turned one and we celebrated with monkey cakes?  His auntie is finding herself quite nostalgic—he is growing up so  fast!  I remember the details of the day he was born and the first time I saw him like it happened this morning. And then woooosh.  Two years pass and our little bug is running around, jumping on the sofa, “vrooom vroooming” his trucks, hugging (and kissing!) little girls, playing dress up, riding a trike, and capturing our hearts over and over with each little smile, giggle, and silly voice.

(I’d better move on to discussing the cake before I am a weeping mess!)

I made this year’s fire truck cake using  Annie’s Cookies and Cream recipe.  The one and only adjustment I made is that I did not top the cake with the filling.  (I needed a place for a shiny red fire truck!) 

I found this cake to be exceptionally rich, moist, and delicious!


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