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Unstuffed Cabbage

This recipe is a weeknight standby in our house and has been for years. In fact, it was the first recipe I ever posted to this little blog seven years ago. Check out the stats and you will see why it has survived the test […]

Papparadelle with Cabbage, Prosciutto, and Sage

My husband and I have really been enjoying macaroni lately–especially the shapes with lots of chewy texture goodness.  When I saw this recipe in Real Simple, I quickly pegged it as an easy, fresh, and delicious weeknight meal.  (Plus, have you seen all of the articles […]

Unstuffed Cabbage

Back in July, we invited a woman named Ellie Deaner to teach us how to make some easy and tasty recipes.  For some reason I hadn’t made any of her fantastic and delicious recipes since.  Last week, my mom reminded me of this one in particular.  I made […]