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Italian Style Baked White Fish with Flavorful Rice

My husband requested some white fish for dinner and as always, I am happy to oblige his cravings! Baked white fish is one of my favorite meals so I looked forward to making this delicious weeknight dinner. The basis of this fish recipe is something my mom […]

Grilled Swordfish with Grilled Caponata

When the weather is hot and you don’t have central air conditioning, using the oven and the stove are not very appealing.  Even baking something for just a few minutes can turn the kitchen into a sauna.  That is when an outdoor grill can be really handy.  Some people reserve the […]

Cajun-Baked Tilapia

 As I mentioned, my husband has been craving fish.  This recipe called for catfish, which I thought would be a nice change since we usually eat cod and salmon.   Unfortunately, my grocery store did not have any fresh catfish, however, they did have tilapia fillets.  I think tilapia was the […]

Teriyaki Seared Scallops

I wanted to make a protein to accompany our soba noodle salad.  We had some frozen scallops in the freezer (<GASP>—frozen scallops?!)  Yes, Trader Joe’s sells bags of frozen scallops and I keep them on hand for quick weeknight suppers.  Though they don’t compare to fresh scallops, […]

Fish Stew

“I would even bring this in for lunch tomorrow.”  There it is, folks, in the words of my husband who 98% of the time prefers a plain old deli sandwich to leftovers for lunch.  That’s how much he (we) enjoyed this! This stew has just […]

Parmesan, Pine Nut, Panko and Parsley Baked White Fish

Let me first start by saying that it sends me bonkers when my photos of food turn out crumby!  Here is one of those instances where we were so hungry!  I made a quick attempt to make this pretty but then everything started to get […]