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 I love recipes.  I am passionate about cooking and baking. I read cookbooks like novels.  I have piles of recipes clipped from magazines and flagged in books.  I enjoy trying published recipes as well as creating my own using random items in my cupboards.  I love unleashing my creativity in the kitchen.  My husband insisted I create this blog as a means of documenting the food I prepare for him, my family, and friends.

In addition to keeping track of my adventures in the kitchen, perhaps this blog can inspire you to get in your kitchen and have some fun preparing meals and sweets for your family and friends!

My Principles:


  • Use fresh ingredients as often as possible
  • Use prepackaged ingredients as infrequently as possible
  • Plan to spend one day each week preparing a meal that can be easily reheated during the week so there is always something fresh and delicious to eat when weeknights get hectic
  • Respect food and the time it takes to prepare it—In our household we try to sit at the dining room table enjoying the meal for about the same amount of time it took for me to prepare it
  • Use the season as a guide for flavors
  • Continue to try new ingredients, new types of cuisine, and new cooking methods
  • Continue to rely on classics and family favorites
  • Distinguish between weeknight suppers and special occasion meals (Use butter and cream in special occasion meals only—never weeknight suppers and never use low fat cheese in special occasion meals!)
  • Learn to love leftovers or takeout will take over!


Unfortunately I don’t yet believe in “replacement desserts” (as in substituting for real butter, milk and sugar). My baked goods are never intentionally low-fat or low-calorie.  (Almost always delicious, though!)   


Questions? Comments?  Recipe feedback?

  Email me! kitchenbelle (at) ymail (dot) com

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