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Spooky Halloween Pops

Spooky Halloween Pops


My daughter and I had a great time making these pops together! They seem like such an old school treat. I remember my mom making candy pops for my preschool class and it is something I’ve wanted to do for my daughter’s school. She had so much fun being creative with the colors and got a hoot out of the fact she was using “paint brushes” in candy!

There isn’t really a recipe here–more just a handful of supplies and a method. All of it is spelled out on the back of each bag of Wilton candy melts. I found everything we needed at Michael’s (which by the way is having a 70% off sale on all Halloween items right now) but I am sure you could find it all on Amazon or even easier just order straight from the Wilton Web site.

Spooky Halloween Pops


  • Wilton candy molds of your choice (we used pumpkins, Dracula teeth and eyeballs)
  • Wilton candy melts, any colors
  • Wilton candy brushes
  • Lollipop sticks
  • clear candy bags
  • curly ribbon


Place candy melts in microwave safe bowls. (One bowl for each color you are using.) Melt according to package directions. Mix well. Using candy brushes to paint your molds as you desire. Use a teaspoon to fill the remaining portion of the mold. Place a lollipop stick on each candy-filled mold and roll so that entire stick is immersed. Let harden over night or pop in the fridge until set.

Place each pop in a plastic candy bag and secure with a piece of ribbon.


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